Check Out This List of Some of the Worst Baby Names Ever

By: Kelly Meyers

April 26, 2017

A new list of terrible baby names goes viral on the web every year. I swear that the names on these lists keep getting worse ever year. If you are struggling to find a name for the bundle of joy that will make their arrival in just a few short months there are books, websites, and there are even baby naming services to help you make a more informed decision. Plus, shouldn't you run your name ideas by a few family members or friends just to play it safe?

Mumsnet is a blog and discussion site for parents, and it asked people to reveal some of the worst baby names that they have encountered. 

Here are some of the names that stood out the most for me:

  • Daddy-Cool 
  • Ita Peach (Would that be pronounced "eat a peach?")
  • Harry Potter
  • Tinkabelle
  • Hashtag Jameson 
  • Phelony (as in felony spelled with a PH)

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You have to wonder what was going through a person's mind when they picked out the crazy name that they gave their baby. Do the parents ignore the long-term issues the child may have when he or she is in school? What about the issues that a grown adult is going to have while trying to find a job in the real world?

What's the worst baby name you've heard?