This Bizarre New Proposal Trend Involves... Avocados?

By: Kelly Meyers

February 16, 2018

Yes, avocados are amazing. Avocado toast, avocado lattes, and avocado on everything is all the rage when it comes to food trends. 

Well, now we bring you the latest avocado trend. It doesn't involve eating them, but instead, it's about using an avocado for your marriage proposal. Nothing says I want to spend the rest of my life with you like a perfectly ripened avocado, right? 

This instagram account is 100% dedicated to all things avocado so you might consider them to be biased. But if you do some poking around on Insta and search for #avocadoproposal you'll find real-life examples of this new trend.

I just don't get why one would put an expensive engagement ring in an avocado. And what do you do with the avocado after the proposal? I'd hope use it to make some super tendy avocado toast! 

All I'm saying is if you're going to jump on this new trend at least find a good looking avocado not like the one below.