Adorable Students Send Classroom Goldfish off With a Viking Funeral

By: Joe Hyer

March 3, 2017

Losing a pet can be tough, but for these Scottish school children, it resulted in something incredibly heartwarming (and adorable).

Freddy and Bubbles (the classroom goldfish pets for students at Kirkwall’s Papdale School in Shetland, Scottland) passed away earlier this month. So, naturally, the students sent their friends off with a Viking funeral.

Their teacher, Corey Eddington, shared the fish with the class as a Christmas present last year, and she says that the class loved them. “They believed the fish had their own little personalities too. Freddie was greedy and fat – he would always get to the food pellets first. Bubbles was shy. She would hide in the plants,” Eddington told the Metro.

The students, who were devastated when the fish passed away, decided to hold a Viking funeral for Freddy and Bubbles. 

The class was learning about the Vikings at that time, so it made sense. The youngsters designed vessels and wrote memoirs about the fish as they prepared for the funeral, according to their teacher. The vessels were placed in the water, and the students set them ablaze as the fish were sent to Valhalla (Viking warrior heaven).

You can see photos from the funeral here