Shawn Mendes '50% Less Nervous' Performing With Camila Cabello

Behind the performance of "Señorita" at the 2019 MTV VMAs

September 3, 2019

Shawn Mendes opened up to Karson & Kennedy at Mix 104.1 in Boston about what it was like performing on the MTV VMAs solo and alongside Camila Cabello.

"It was great! I was probably 50% less nervous to do that with her than I was for 'If I Can't Have You' like only an hour earlier" the singer told the RADIO.COM hosts. "I think when I'm onstage with her I'm like in this zone, like we're just two people, this is fine, let's just sing and have fun. When I'm onstage by myself I have to really get out of my head being like, 'this is such a big deal.' But for us, we're just like, let's really listen to the words and really just love what we do. And we did."

Mendes was in Cape Cod this weekend, performing an exclusive, intimate set on the back deck of the Mix Beach House, where he also talked about choreography and his signature "Mendes Things." These consist of two moves: one where he stands with a mic and his guitar on his back and sways, and the second move he simply spins someone around. At the VMAs he noted, "I did both, which was a lot for me!"

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The duo clearly had chemistry while performing this smash-hit song "Señorita," but it was Camila who was really dancing around the stage. "We were in the rehearsals and going through the steps and she's like learning all these [moves]... and my head was exploding and I wasn't even having to learn that stuff."

As a gentlemen, he also complimented Camila's artistic talents. "It's impressive how much she can do and sing at the same time!"

See more of Shawn Mendes opening up about performing, Camila Cabello, and his signature moves in the full interview below.