Dua Lipa Gets Saucy on 'Hot Ones' Discussing Her Favorite Videos and 50 Cent

Watch what made her eyes sweat

July 23, 2020

We’re probably biased, but if you ask us, there isn’t much Dua Lipa can’t do. Seriously though, the lady cut her own bangs while on quarantine and still managed to look hot AF. In the latest installment of the popular series Hot Ones, Dua sat down with First We Feast for “the show with hot questions and even hotter wings.” She didn't disappoint.

On her "date with destiny against the wings of death,” the British beauty was ready to dig in. Starting off with The Classic Hot, Scoville level of of 1,700, Dua was simultaneously asked about her decision to release her latest album Future Nostalgia at the end of March, “right as the realities of the pandemic were settling in.” Straying from the usual tactical album roll out, what were some things that were at first stressful but turned out to be no biggie at all?

Dua answered, “Would anyone care? Is this a good time to put it out? There is so much suffering going on in the world, and is the music what people need? Ultimately, she said she “realized that I wrote this album to get away from outside pressures… to just dance and have fun… so maybe the time is now.”

Well Dua, you couldn’t have been more right, the release of Future Nostalgia came at such an unprecedented time, and was a true gift from Dua to us all at a time when we needed it most. And if our obvious obsession isn’t enough to prove it, look at the stats, Lipa’s sophomore album is still continuing to break all kinds of records.

Up next on the menu, Jade Jaguar, with a “zesty” Scoville level 3,600 accompanied by the following question, well statement, and then question. Reportedly Katy Perry named Dua “as someone who has what it takes to be a career artist.” Leading to the question,“how do you think about your own personal longevity, is that something you even strategize?”

Dua’s wish is quite clear, “my dream is to be able to do this as long as I can, all I want to do is make music, write and perform for as long as people will have me.”

Is she for real? Duh Dua, we’ll have you forever.

While delicately chomping on a wing topped with Fresco Sauce Chipotle & Habanero, Scoville level 6,400, Dua admitted to being G-Unit obsessed and recalled one of the first concerts she ever attended seeing 50 Cent in Kosovo (where she born).

As the Scoville levels rose, the questions continued. Dua expressed how incredible it was to perform for the first time at KOKO, the music venue she saw some of her favorite artists while growing up in London. As well as walking us through her thought process behind her epic fashion choices.

The two time GRAMMY award-winning singer was surprisingly unbothered by all the “spice,” admitting her parents’ love of spicy food trained her for this exact moment. While the pressures of the rising Scoville levels were’t yet getting to her, Dua explained that at times the powers of social media both good and bad can be a bit much at times. It’s blatantly obvious that Dua loves her fans dearly and cherishes being able to communicate and connect with them. However, while making Future Nostalgia, some of the more negative comments were starting to get to her and she realized that if she was going to make an album that she was proud of she had to “take a step back.”

Dua made it to her seventh hot sauce, out of ten, Volcanic Peppers Thor’s Hammer Super Hot Sauce. Feeling confident she went heavy on the pour which immediately made her nose start running. The topic of discussion: “New Rules” and it’s epic music video which has amassed over 2 billion views. Dua gave some insight on what inspired her when putting together the concept, and was then asked which of her many amazing music videos was her favorite. Not sure how she did it, but she narrowed it down to a top three, “IDGAF,” “Physical,” and “Electricity.”

Finally hot sauce number eight made the same impact for Dua as she does for us, Da Bomb cleverly dubbed “beyond insanity” with a Scoville level of 135,600 made Dua’s eyes sweat. Well Dua, now you know how we feel when we simply just think about you.

Check out the entire saucy interview above.

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