Blake Shelton Is 'So Tiger King' With Jimmy Fallon's Initials Shaved Into His Mullet

The epic quarantine mullet gets an update

April 14, 2020

Through the darkness of the coronavirus crisis, there has been one shining beacon of hope, lighting our way forward and giving us strength in these uncertain times. Of course, we’re talking about Blake Shelton’s quarantine mullet, the party in the back that we all need with the spirit of 90s Country living on in every glorious lock.

The “God’s Country” singer first announced last month that he was bringing it back during this time of social distancing, and Gwen Stefani has offered her full support. It seems to be growing in nicely, as the couple made an appearance on The Tonight Show Monday from their home.

“How’s it look?” Shelton asked, as Gwen gave him an on-camera clean-up.

“You look like you’re really handling this whole quarantine well,” Jimmy Fallon added. “Is that a joke about my weight?” Blake shot back. “That’s a fat joke isn’t it Jimmy.”

The haircut went one step too far on the front porch, as Shelton then requested that Stefani add Fallon’s initials to the side of his head, taking this quarantine mullet to a bold new place. “I’m literally putting your initials in my head right now Jimmy,” he glared. “I am not kidding.”

Check out Gwen’s clipper work above, and a special performance from the pair below. The two shared an acoustic performance of their duet, “Nobody But You,” live from inside their home.

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